Come to our salon

Do you like special occasions? Do you feel that you need something like that, anything special? There is great offer for you that you can try. Come to our salon and try erotic massage. It is so specific procedure that you must love that. The girl will come to your room, and you will start by aromatic bath or shower. Everything is very intimate, but also discreet, so you can enjoy absolutely unforgettable experience. Very favourite is nuru procedure, because there is girl completely naked. She uses gel made of sea-grass, whichwill help you with sliding. You will feel her soft skin, her bosom – it is so excitement. Pleasure will be there with you.

Lots of procedures

Don´t be afraid, there are lots of procedures for you. Your satisfaction is the most important for us, so we prepared many advantages for you. You can avail for example our bar, where is fresh food and drink for you, but we can call you for taxi, if you need. Visit our salon and enjoy this experience, because you cannot pass that possibility every day. Our services can fill your dreams.